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The history of Lloyd’s began more than 300 years ago in Edward Lloyd’s café, where the owners of ships met with wealthy individuals willing to provide the capital needed for the ships insurance. During the years Lloyd’s has evolved from marine insurer to the leading market of specialised property and individual insurance where the greatest, the most complex and the most unique risks worldwide are insured.
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Lloyd’s real estate insurance provides for the protection of property, movable assets, owners and habitants. Whereas loss of profit insurance ensures financial protection in the term or temporary or permanent incapacity to work, incurred as a result of an accident or illness.
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CEU’s mission is to provide to the Client the best insurance along with the highest quality of services. This is why we offer specially negotiated insurance of Lloyd’s - the oldest and most stable European insurance institution. Our insurance provides a wide scope of cover and exceptionally high indemnity.
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Coverholder at Lloyd's
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